Brand: Guitar Stand Company

The Classic guitar stand is our most popular design that will accent any setting. This piece stands patiently waiting to hold your finest guitar.  Made with custom solid brass silicone cushioned upper and lower yokes to support and protect your guitar. The base has a reddish brown mahogany finish and an artfully carved slipper foot in keeps with the simple elegance of the overall design. The brass ball finial gives it the added touch to make this stand welcomed in any setting. Whether it be your home, office or even in a place of worship, this stand complements any surrounding.

Specs- 20 x 20 x 37 1/4

Approx Weight- 5 lbs


GSC always recommends to follow your guitar manufactures guidelines for storage and care for your instrument. 

The guitars provided in these photographs were property of the company owners or on loan and available for purchase from our friends at